How To Book/ Attend

To book at Leluu Supper Club:  

Fernandez and Leluu no longer operates as a supper club. 
We now run independent supper clubs. To book at Leluus click on above link

To book at ferdiesfoodlab: CHECK HERE FOR DETAILS

All following photos are of ferdiesfoodlab, food and menus designed solely by Simon Fernandez (take a second to like facebook page for updates and recipies)

ferdiesfoodlab - salmon parfait forest

ferdiesfoodlab - the banqueting hall
ferdiesfoodlab - banquetting hall in the summer

ferdiesfoodlab - roast squash w/ salted lemon and plum jam stuffing

ferdiesfoodlab - fermented garlic prawns w/ lemon oil, savoury churros and pimenton mayo

ferdiesfoodlab - slow roast pork belly w/ crunchy skin, apples & autumn pear lime sauce
ferdiesfoodlab - experiments at the lab


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