by Simon Fernandez (@ferdiesfoodlab)
I am co-founder and chef of the world renowned (so I'm told, I can hardly believe it myself) Fernandez and Leluu supper club. I have really enjoyed doing it, the cooking the experimenting, and meeting people. Hosting events at Uyen's place, for what I can only describe as a pretty funky, switched on crowd, serving 6 - 8 courses of fab flavours, has been hard work. But it's been very rewarding to see all those smiling faces when I finally get the opportunity to leave the kitchen and go and mingle at the end of the night. We've done a variety of events for folks such as Yell, After Eights, Unearthed, Action Against Hunger, The Jamie Oliver Foundation, Ryvita, Green & Blacks which have all gone fabulously, darling!

I spent Christmas and New Year cooking in the Alps, and my "break" away really got me thinking about life . . . on my return to England I was lucky enough to be offered a beautiful venue to host events in so I've decided to take the offer and set up ferdiesfoodlab.

It's a little different from Fernandez and Leluu. A few years back I threw a birthday banquet. To set the mood, I asked everyone to bring a large goblet for wine drinking, a tankard for beer and to arrive at 7PM for 7.30: - sorry about the photos, 2 mega pixel phone cam was top end back then!
34 people, 1 living room, loads of food, wine, music and conversation!

This event was later recalled as, "mind boggling", I love it. We all had a great time! Above: Aftermath.

The new venue is a little different to my old lounge . . . .
It's a grade 2 listed building for a start! Beatifully decorated with a huge table, perfect for a banquet! 
Opening Banquet was on Sat 27th Aug - Bank Holiday Weekend - Menu below - Big smiles!!!

Find out more as it develops at ferdiesfoodlab.
If you'd like to attend . . .
Email Us: bookings@ferdiesfoodlab.co.uk

 Opening Menu - ferdiesfoodlab - Late Summer

Liquorice Dusted Fillet Steak Cubes w/ White Tomato Emulsion, Baby Peppers & Rosemary Infused Crusty Bread

Champagne Poached Pears w/ Prosciutto on a bed of Green Leaf

Barents Sea King Crab w/ Oyster Creamed Samphire

Slow Roast Lamb w/ Roast Potatoes & Tossed Lambs Lettuce

Micro Banana Tatins  w/ Whiskey & White Chocolate Sauce, Passion Fruit & Passion Fruit Sorbet

Seville Zebras  & Black Olive & Salted Orange Ganache

Happy Guests : )

 = = = >  more food from ferdiesfoodlab - how to book here  < = = =

Lobster! Init?

"Will You Marry Me?" Lamb, w/ Beetroot & Roast Potatoes

Salted Lemon Fudge

Rack of Lamb w/ Rosemary Infused Sweet Potatoe Mash, Courgettes & Yellow Pepper Veloute

Liquorice Roots

Rosemary & Bacon Chocolate w/ Salt Flake

Salmon Parfait Top Hats

Blackberries Suspended in Champagne

Morcilla Muffins


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