Friday, June 15, 2012

London Supper Club: ferdiesfoodlab this month! Highly recommend!

by Simon Fernandez of ferdiesfoodlab

Well it's been a crazy busy month as usual, if I'm not hosting, cooking or experimenting I'm tapping away at my computer.

In this post,a fabulous post from Mummy, Mrs, Minä, a birthday party and, Movember Action!

Constructive criticism always welcome, it's how you grow. Praise? . . . .  ahem . . err yeah!!

Obviously it's not all been private parties, and the social banquet has been exploding as usual into a smorgasbord of people, flavours, colours, wines (Mr Drink & Eat) and beers (Kieran is Beerin) conversation and laughter, and the odd squeal of excitement (I kid you not!).

It's always nice to chat to our guests at the end of the night and this night was no exception, I especially remember Michelle the inquisitor ; ) (and I 'm talking 1 million questions a second - I had to concentrate and take deep breaths) and the very dry not to mention sardonic Andy and the very beautiful mystery blogger and hubster! It's nicer still when said mystery blogger Mummy, Mrs, Minä says this about the evening:

"We spent a lovely Saturday night out with our friends Michelle and Andy at Ferdie’s Food Lab  at Toynbee Hall in Shoreditch. This was the first supper club for me and the hubby: up til now he has been a little dubious about the concept of dinner served in somebody’s front room. Evening was fab, met some lovely new people and more importantly, the food was delicious. Highly recommend!"
(you can see full review post here)

I think it's the "Highly recommend!" bit I like!!  Thank you very much for your post! : )

So, all in all, it's been a pretty busy month. There have been other gruelling elements to this month but I'll leave those for another post . . . . . .

Next banquet is on Sat 23rd June and promises to be rather good!!!

If you fancy coming along just send an email with you details!! Here's how . . . .

Simon Fernandez now runs ferdiesfoodlab a Supper Club in London - Aldgate East at Toynbee hall, follow his new blog and the rest of this post here . . . 
Check out what people are saying about it HERE!
Check out the new menu here : )

Check out full post here for more about . . . .

Movember (@MovemberUK on twitter)

Duck breast and baked potato . . with an orange and thyme sauce! I'm on my knees!

Experiment with edible flowers, beetroot & smoked salmon! Aye!

Snowburst Nectarines Pancakes with Grapefruit and Basil Syrup

Possibly may choose some healthier recipies! . . . . . hmmm . . .
And I've been practicing my moustache looks Zoolander stylee!

Blue Steel - eat you heart out Zoolander!
Magnum - I know! It's a heart stopper isn't it? I was practising it in a shop window and this young woman behind me keeled over! Quick bit of CPR and she was fine!

Simon Fernandez now runs ferdiesfoodlab a Supper Club in London - Aldgate East at Toynbee hall, follow his new blog here check out what people are saying about it HERE!


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