Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Eating, Little Sardegna, Francesco Mazzei & Wishing

By Leluu (I have moved to
....And then, as destiny has it, we landed on Francesco Mazzei - (acclaimed Italian chef of L’Anima), who happened to be sitting by the open shop front of a lovely Italian restaurant called 'Little Sardegna' with his wife and children. The boy from Alassio and Francesco knew each other and Francesco invited us to join the family for lunch.

Francesco, his beautiful wife Maria and their two stunning children live around the corner and regularly visit Little Sardegna - a charming place that only remind me of being in Italy. All it needs is a view of cobble streets and some clothes blowing gently in the wind on a clothes line and few cats staring at height from windows and a mama sweeping the outside of her family home with a twiggy broom.

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