Sunday, October 23, 2011

Article in Verdens Gang - VG Weekend Food Journey

by Nilas Johnsen (Journo) and Fredrik Solstad (Photographer)

Post by Simon Fernandez of ferdiesfoodlab

Verden Gang - which translates to "World Affairs" is a Norwegian news paper. VG is one of the most award-winning newspapers in Norway for its journalism and has the second largest circulation there. It was established by members of the resistance movement shortly after the country was liberated from German occupation in 1945! The things you find out on wikipedia!

Article opens with Chefs London

Above: Toynbee Hall, a once elegant ballroom, in the East End of London, repurposed and now the venue for Simon's laboratorium. (ferdiesfoodlab entrance)

Inside: It lives! Yeeeaahs it lives. . whoar har har!
Nilas Johnsen (Journo) and Fredrik Solstad (Photographer) for Verdens Gang came to dinner here's what they had to say . . .


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