Thursday, September 15, 2011

When We Were The Greatest, Rolling In The Deep & Two Weddings

By Leluu
Photo By Meemalee's Kitchen
What a great few weeks its been for me! I've been partying & dinning out a lot! The single life is settling in nice and snug and it is great to leave the past in the past and move on, a fresh, a new, all the richer and all the wiser (!?)

The Secret Larder
I've been drinking inside the fridge of The Breakfast Club; eaten at the wonderful Roganic; The Corner Room was so-so but Viajante's bar is excellent; went to the home of James Ramsden and his Secret Larder Supper Club; got a few martinis in at the fabulous Off Broadway Bar & even went to a Vietnamese Night at Fin & Flounder Supper Club - yes - even the fish monger is doing supper clubs these days; ate yum dim sum at Princess Garden whilst nursing a hangover with Mr Noodles; did a night drive tour of London in my Figaro with my best friend Fatima, visiting home from Barcelona; lunched at The Geffrey Museum with Julia, more old friends visiting home from Barcelona; had one too many at Hawskmoor; went to Miss Immy's garden tea party; died and went to heaven eating risotto at The Ship and discovered delicious black cod at SeeWoo Cafe in Paddington; 'ended up' in The Dolphin; kissed the floor of my fabulous photographer friend Camille Sanson's penthouse-warming; introduced Rachel McGormack to ma boyz in da hood with fantastic pizza in The Regent and someone with a foot fetish cooked me a beautiful meal of live/raw things.
In between there were amazing supper club nights and one of the most amazing nights ever- The Singles Supper Club during the bank holiday weekend - a spectacular night that was purely about meeting nice people and making friends and without monomania on finding the one.

Usually, I circulate people around but no one wanted to move because everyone was so happy to be sat where they were although they wanted to meet other people too. I actually surprised myself by finding enough men to come in the end - I think men want to be cool and last minute, don't they!

In euphoria, we sang our hearts out to songs like Rolling In The Deep, Rio and Umbrella - Ella Ella, slammed our feet so hard to the ground, "we could have had it all…" throwing our arms into claps and kicking our feet to the beat, "you had my heart and soul in your hands…"  we propelled our cares and embraced our youth, our freedom and danced like no one was watching - the noise and the energy was immaculate -  Someone was even rapping! Read More HERE


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