Monday, September 12, 2011

My 7 Links By Leluu

By Leluu from

The Skinny Bib nominated me to write My 7 Links. This is what it is about:

Bloggers publish his/her 7 Links on his/her blog. One link for one category and the categories are: the most beautiful, the most popular, the most controversial, the most helpful, a post whose success surprises you, a post that doesn’t receive attention it deserves and the post the blogger is most proud of..

I have been blogging since the end of 2008 and but more seriously so from 2009. What I tend to blog about always evolve and sometimes, I can not really define what this blog is about - its mainly about food, Vietnamese food but also travel and stuff in general. Its a place where I can write about what I think too.
Most Beautiful: Flying Home My Trip To Vietnam 2011
Its about the feelings, the sights and sounds of going to a place where I was born.

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