Saturday, July 2, 2011

Jamie Oliver's The Big Feastival

I went to The Big Feastival today. As I was trying to get some Japanese pancakes, as you get drawn to a crowd - I saw Jamie Oliver. I managed to disturb his filming and said hi- too : )

I was looking at this...
then saw this...
I am not sure how it all works but all the proceeds to The Big Feastival goes to charity. I got a lovely burger from Gourmet Burger, some Chicken Satay from Awana and delicious scotch eggs from Trinty.

You have to exchange your cash for token in order to purchase things and each plate of food is worth £5 in tokens. A little bit expensive for half a scotch egg I would say. If things were say, £3, I would have ventured out much more.
It was a lovely afternoon out with my best friend Aggie. We really enjoyed walking around and picking what to eat. There was a really nice atmosphere of music and food. Everyone sitting on the grass and there were even lovely tables and couches set out for us to sit on (but I didn't manage to get a good photo
I was invited as a member of press and did not pay for my entry and was allowed 3 tokens in exchange for food. Thank you to Danny McCubbin from for the invitation.

The Big Feastival is on til 3rd July in Clapham Common


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