Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gü - I Give In

By Leluu (Leluu is moving to - please follow there)
How can you argue with yourself when things you do in temptation makes you happy, satisfies your senses and awaken your soul? Is it so wrong to kiss the lips of someone you desire all of a sudden; tuck in a label that hangs from someone's garment; drive into a puddle causing a big splash; drink a martini in the afternoon; dip your face in icing sugar; cuddle a stranger's puppy and so on.

When it comes to food, temptation can sometimes over rule any resistance. Butter always goes into potatoes; the sight of a rare fillet steak makes my teeth yearn for that animalistic tear; the smell of freshly baked bread makes you hanker for the crunch, mesmerizing the soft fluffy white inside and then there is the steamy hot from the oven… hmmm, smelling of pure, pure, pure desire!

I gave into temptation when Gu asked me to attend an event they were hosting to launch the new ads on the telly. They hailed us a cab and I went with my assistant, Mia and upon arrival we were laced with chocolate martinis. This wasn't just any chocolate martini, this was Fred Ponnavoy's Chocolate Martini, the Head Chef of Gu - and it was just the best martini I have ever had. Not so sweet but with the full flavour of indulgence. Yes, it was a bit like being in Manhattan with Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda - I'd swap a cosmo for this anytime! I love my life as a blogger!
Recipe From Fred Ponnavoy:

"Stir one part of Crème De Cacao (the dark one) and one part of Vodka with crushed ice, then poor it through the sieve in a martini glass, serve it with mini cocoa pods to replace the olives".
We spent the evening eating dessert canapes one after another to the point where we were on a bit of a sugar rush and Mia started to bash on the drums.

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Fred spends his days creating desserts for GU, he's created a new range of Fru desserts in individual cups, its very nice! I bet he loves his life as a chef!
At the event he created some amazing things, my favourite is the bubble wrap chocolate. Sheets and sheets of chocolate bubble wrap - it even felt like the were busting inside your mouth as you crunched on it - very clever, Monsieur Ponnavoy!
Here's how he does it: straight from the horse's mouth: (something I will be sure to try)

"The chocolate bubble wrap were made by pouring and spreading tempered chocolate over bubble wrap, after the chocolate is crystallised it is ready to peel from the plastic."

I am the least desserty person and need to polish up on dessert making in general. Fred gave me loads of leftovers for supper club and I tell you, the guests were so happy to receive chocolate that Fred had made! Fred is coming over for a party this weekend - I think I will have to pick up some tips!

Thanks GU and Wildcard for all the booze you filled me up with - even last year, when I went to your secret garden party (and never managed to blog about it - sorry about that), I drank so much Laurent Perrier, I nearly died - but very happy so.


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