Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Engineered Out

By Leluu (Leluu is moving to www.leluu.com - please follow her posts there too)

Miss Immy and I took a long stroll around Primrose Hill last week on a sunny summer's day, dreaming and zesting about our aspirations of a life that will one day be in Primrose Hill. How beautiful are the homes here, the lovely cobble streets, the squares, the blossoms outside the beautiful houses. Even the air smells of rich!

We ate at the wonderful The Engineer Pub where they serve the best scotch eggs I have ever had the pleasure to eat. I could live on them, have 10 at once every day, three times a day. The quails egg inside cooked to perfected flowed out of its centre and the sausage - oh, the sausage, seasoned perfectly with an immaculate crunch.
Although I am not a burger fan, I ordered the cheeseburger. It was massive. The bread was really nice, not too heavy, crunchy on the inside, soft on the outside. The meat, cooked medium rare seasoned so well with the cheese. The cheese was cheesy, not stilton or any funny business - it was just cheesy - the superb kind! And it came with lovely chips and salad. I had no complaints whatsoever!

What a lovely pub to eat in. I would love to try the roasts and actually everything on the menu and spend many evenings here and banter with my friends.

The sad thing is, this pub may be closing down because their lease is expiring and the landlords may want not renew it but instead allow a chain to move in, who will only serve crap food, crap wines and beers and turn it into a faceless, crap place!

This happened to me - I had a lovely boutique in Earlham Street but the landlords would not renew my lease and pushed me out for a "high street" shop - of which no one liked or wanted to go into (they closed down). I was so sad. At the time, there was nothing I could do! There was no Twitter, there was no Facebook or blogs. But now there is and we can all shout to save these great businesses. We can try to save The Engineer because its a long established independent business with so much character and love poured into it. We all love it and we should all support independent businesses because they are what make London a great place.

You can sign a petition here: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/theengineer/
This is the website: www.the-engineer.com
This is the Facebook Page
This is the Hashtag: #Engineeredout
This is the Twitter: @TheEngineerPub

Then go and eat there - enjoy the Engineer - Its a great place to be, to drink, to eat.

The Engineer Pub
65 Gloucester Avenue, London NW1 8JH
Telephone: 020 7722 0950
Fax: 020 7483 0592
Email: info[at-sign]the-engineer[dot-sign]com


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