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Coq Au Vin Recipe By La Petite Boo

By Leluu & Cate Darlison
This week, I have been to two Naked Wines events. They have launched a market place for selling wine on their website - basically, you can come a long, put your wine up on their site and people will bid for it. Its a new revolution in wine selling where customer reviews are what makes your wine sell.

We went to eat at The Hoxton Grill - food was very nice and drank a lot of Naked Wines. Then I was also invited  to Fifteen where Jamie Oliver has his private kitchen and studio for more Naked Wine tastings and food made by Cate Darlison. Cate is a private chef and cooks for many Jamie supper clubs.

It was so utterly delicious! Silky soft chicken with wine and herbs, melting in the mouth!  We are hugely lucky because Cate has written up the recipe to share as a guest on this blog: 
Coq Au Vin Recipe By Cate Darlison from Supper Club- La Petite Boo

Like with all of my recipes I have started with a key ingredient and built my dish around that.  To mark London Wine Week I have chosen to start with a fine wine to be the star of my twist on coq au vin.

I have chosen this full bodied syrah as it can take the hit of the heat from the chilli and the gusto of the garlic, whilst still complimenting the more subtle flavours from the carpaccio of fennel and courgette salad and the light spring flavours from the pistou.

Like with a traditional coq au vin I have marinated the chicken over night but to make it a more economical dish and easier to augment for a gathering I have chosen to use chicken thighs.

It is for this reason that this is the kind of dish that is great for two or in the case of our wine tasting evening can be stretched for a crowd, it is lovely served with crusty French bread to mop all of the tasty juices or to make it more substantial meal, a dauphoioise or seasonal new potatoes would be lovely too.

Bon appetite

Love Petite Boo x

    •    A good knob of  butter

    •    8 fat cloves of  garlic  crushed
    •    1 red chilli very finely chopped

    •    300 g  shallots, peeled roughly chopped into chunks

    •    250g chorizo roughly cut into chunks
    •     Couple of handfuls of fresh basil, 3 bay leaves, 2 generous handful flat leaf parsley
    •    350g/12½oz button mushrooms
    •    1lb fresh tomatoes, peeled and chopped
    •    1 tin haricot beans
    •    500ml/16½fl oz good  and gutsy red wine (we used syrah)
    •    500 ml fresh chicken stock
    •    2 tbsp white balsamic
    •    6- 8 chicken thighs or one whole jointed chicken (skin on)
    •    salt and fresh black pepper corn

Preparation/ Method
     1.    The night before slash the chicken thighs, spike with pieces of 4 of the cloves of garlic, pushing the garlic into the pockets, rub with the olive oil and salt and pepper and transfer to a large dish.  Cover with the wine and soft herbs, shaking the dish to allow all flavours to disperse.  Tear a large piece of cling film and sit on top of the chicken to seal the flavours in, before covering the dish entirely with cling film.  Chill over night.
    2.    Heat a thick-bottomed casserole dish on the stove, add almost all the butter (reserving a knob of the butter) and the shallots. Cook until just browned; then stir in the garlic and chilli. Add the chorizo and some more fresh basil and cook for 2-3 minutes.
    3.    Add the mushrooms until golden brown add the diced tomatoes and turn up the heat and add the red wine, chicken stock and vinegar. Add the chicken pieces, bring the sauce to the boil and then simmer gently for about 25 minutes or until the chicken is tender and cooked through.  Ten minutes before the end of cooking time add the haricot beans.
    4.     Depending on how "soupy" you want the sauce you can either serve as it is with drizzled pistou or for a thicker consistency, you can break the beans down a little and turn up the heat (having removed the chicken and keeping warm)  Cook the sauce over a high heat until it has reduced by half and return the chicken to the pan.  For a lovely glossy sauce add your remaining butter and the rest of the fresh herbs salt and plenty of fresh black pepper.
    5.    Serve with a dressed green salad, (I knocked up a fennel and carpaccio of courgette salad, and a warm puy lentil and feta salad) and olive oil mash or crusty bread.

Here are some of the wine we tried:
Croix Du Chêne - The Rhone Valley, South Of France.
Reserve Pierre 2007 - The Rhone Valley, South Of France
Closerie Saint Hilaire 2008
Domaine O'Vineyards, Trah Lah Lah, South Of France 2005
Domaine O'Vineyards O'Syrah 2008
Reserva 2008, Lagar De Bezana, Chille
Grand Reserve 2008, Lagar De Bezana, Chille

Ryan from Domaine O'Vineyards
Some views from Jamie Oliver's private kitchen & Cate Darlison.
 Thank you to Danny McCubbin for the invitation. All photos are by Leluu.


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