Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Restaurant Recommendation: Tohbang

By Leluu
The Grubworm and I usually have a quick bite together and he has recommended this place: Korean food in Clerkenwell Road, very close to Back Hill where I used to go to college at St Martins. I was of course dubious, because since I had traveled to Korea a lot, (Com Sa Me Da) I grew less and less in love with their food, too much kimchi and red pepper sauce on everything.

However, I do really love it when I am actually served really fresh, just made food and thats what they do here. We ordered, pork and vegetable dumplings which were massive and the filling was just moorish, flavoursome and the edges were nice and crispy.

For a main, I had Bibbimbap - Korean style rice cooked in a clay pot and served in the clay pot with pickles and minced pork with a fried egg on top. What you are meant to do is, mix it all up, careful not to burn yourself on the hot pot. The Grubworm a hot and spicy looking soup with silky tofu, tasted divine!

Korean food always comes with lots of condiments such as pickles and sauces. For 6.90, we had soup as well. Excellent value for lunch. I slotted lunch/ dinner dates in the diary and can not wait to come back here. Drop in. The food is great!

164 Clerkenwell Road, London, EC1R 5DU


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