Friday, January 7, 2011

Blogger's Christmas Lunch At The Ship

By Leluu
Meticulously organised by The London Foodie and One Million Gold Stars - (two very generous and social spirits), I was on the invite list to The Ship in Wandsworth for The Christmas Blogger's Lunch. Whoo! I don't venture to the south of the river unless I had to, but with this one, we even had to get the train. Gah! But it was indeed a memorable and wonderful day.

As it had snowed so much that week in December, there was mention of sleighing over but resided to conventions of using public transport. I had met up with Things Wot I Have Seen in Bethnal Green, it was a freezing, wet Sunday morning and her hair was still wet from the shower because she had been up entertaining dinner guests til the early hours of the morning. The tube journey was one of those grumpy-don't-even-look-at-me things. Funny how we can reserve the right to be unsociable on the tube: I love the English for this.

However, as we got to Vauxhall to catch a train, we bumped into Cooking The Books, The Grubworm and An Unusual Chinaman - it turned out to be like a fun school trip as we were all talking about Chinese sausages, pork belly and all things from food heaven. As we stepped off the train, there was everyone else, nearly all 50 of us taking a pilgrimage to The Ship, from the likes of Miss Immy's London, Hungry In London, Feast On Scraps, Kavey Eats, He- Eats, Rocket & Squash, Curiosity & The Cupcake, Slow Food Kitchen , Maison Cupcake to mention but a few! If only there was enough time to chat to everybody.
The Ship was heaving with people despite it being a snowy cold Winter's morning. Thats a good sign for any eatery. We had a room reserved for us, and I sat on a long table with fellow food bloggers as we were being welcomed with Bloody Marys which were spikey, saucey and yelled in your face-snow!

This blogger event only cost £25, of which £3 went to charity (Variety Club - for a three course meal, plus cheese with wine matching. How good was that!

The London Foodie & One Million Gold Stars had managed to co ordinate 50 bloggers as we all had to email them our choices from the menu. I had the Poached Ham Hock Pressed with Roast Shallots, Bury Black Pudding, Celeriac Remoulade and Spiced Kumquats and then Roast Rump of Beef with Roast Potatoes, Yorkshire Pudding, Cauliflower Cheese and Swede Mash and then Sticky Toffee Pudding, Vanilla Ice Cream.
The food here was utterly utterly brilliant and I recommend anyone like me who doesn't tread across the river to do so - just to eat here. Every ingredient was cooked with love and care, you can taste it in every bite. It was all delicious and it proves why the place just got jam packed full. People were pressed against the window!

The bar looked like a good place for single twenty somethings - girls were baring more than half their flesh and the boys were very pretty. Ah...why didn't I come here in my twenties?

The wine that was matched with the food was perfect. The food, need I say again was ever so good and the service was fantastic. Thank you to The London Foodie & One Million Gold Stars for organising. What a brilliant way to spend a Sunday afternoon and even more brilliant it was lovely to get together with fellow bloggers. It was like a work Christmas do, except our job in blogging is much more fun!

I would recommend (again) that one would eat here as often as possible!
The Ship
41 Jew's Row,
London. SW18 1TB
Telephone: 020 8870 9667

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The London Foodie, The Grubworm, He Eats, Cooking The Books and Curiosity & The Cupcake and I were one of the last people to leave (at 730ish). We liked it too much and there, around the fire, the wine, the whisky started to come out ... chatting chatting - and then the real hardcores trekked to Islington and continued to have dinner at the newly opened Antepelier even though we were very full. Never too full for flavours. Never.


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