Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Party For 2011

I asked everyone to bring cheese and they certainly did. The cheese board turned into the cheese table. Why don't I have a photo of that?  There must have been about forty different types of cheese. The London Foodie had an idea to bring his London Cooking Club to Fernandez & Leluu so we invited some friends and they all had to bring a dish.

We got an array of goodies:
I made Crispy Roasted Pork Belly in Five Spice & Soy,
The London Foodie & Dr G made the most delicious Roast Ham with Sweet Mustard Sauce and Potato Salad I ever did taste (and was eventually stolen by a large Alsatian);
Fish Cakes from Slow Cooked Kitchen;
Ginger Cake from Curiosity & The Cupcake;
Meat Balls Lasagne from @LibbieLush;
Zucchini Gratin from Mr Pocket Calculator;
The Oxley Special Ceviche; 
Ottolenghi's seafood, fennel and lime salad from @Keeling (who was also celebrating her 30th);
Slow Cooked Morrocan Shoulder of Lamb with Green Couscous from @Regis_Onassis;
Gyoza By Lord Mesmo & His Missrs;
Salmon & Dill from Siofra;
Fried Spring Rolls & Samosas from The Aggs;
a platter of Middle Eastern Sweets from the now married Hamza & Natasha who announced their engagement at our party last year;
One Million Gold Stars bought home made cheese from her cousins in Ireland
We had a lovely feast and a great time mingling and dancing. It reminded me a little of a more civilised version of my house warming party back in 2006 when I had about 200 people turn up and caused all sorts of wonderful mayhem. It was much more booze orientated back then - just the odd bags of crisps in a birdcage. It was where I am very proud to say, Lord Mesmo met his future, now, wife.

I do love holding parties.
Good bye to 2010 and to the last decade. I'll be holding onto some wonderful memories and pocketfuls of treasures that I have met through this wonderful supper club.
Thank you to Matthias Scharfenberg for some wonderful photographs and thank you to everyone for all the cheese - I couldn't possibly eat it all on my own! Fondue anyone? Happy New Year, Love Leluu


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