Tuesday, December 14, 2010

All The Single People

By Leluu
Can I just say that single ladies are some of the coolest people I get to meet at the supper cub. They do such fun things like organizing a night out with the girls to our supper club, dinner in town, concerts and theatre tickets, singles events, trips abroad, book clubs, you name it!

I am so lucky, I have made many good friends ‘all the single ladies’ and I get to join in the Ah oh oh- oh oh oh Beyonce style!

The atmosphere has been amazing at the supper club and most people say that the bit at the beginning where everyone talks to each other and sharing a table with complete strangers is just the best bit! We all talked about how it would be a perfect thing to do for a singles party.

Therefore, I have been promising singles events at my house, a party for the girls and boys who may love to meet each other, but I have been afraid, one, that no boys would turn up and two, the dynamics of the atmosphere once I do get the boys to come. How would women behave towards each other if everyone fancied one bloke? Would I have a hair tearing party in the end? Fight-Fight-Fight, whilst Jerry Springer is commentating and I end up throwing an armchair across the room (just for theatrics) Three, playing cupid is dangerous! Heh – I think I worry too much!
There are certainly more women attending the supper club than men. Most men come with their wives or girlfriends. And the handful of men who come here – as a single guy – we salute you – well done! It is really rare to have some men get together once a month, over dinner, instead of over the pub counter. So I just want to say, guys, the women are here, come and meet them. At the very least, everyone gets to make friends with each other, have a good time and perhaps just network! No one expects love to actually happen, but if it happens – then wow! What a bonus.

I have finally decided to give it a go and starting to plan for (many) that dreaded month of February. I will try for 12 wonderful women and 12 handsome, kind, good looking, loveable men. All professional and artistic in their late twenties - thirties (ish - not going to be too strict at first).

Please email me uyen@fernandezandleluu.co.uk if you are interested, a bit about yourself so that I can learn it and introduce you to others, a photo – if you are a man and you want to convince me that the ladies will love you. : )

Its going to be on Friday 11th February and if by some strokes of genius, I manage to get another 12 wonderful women and 12 wonderful men then we can do Saturday 12th February too. Lets see… if you like it, you should put a ring on it! Wise words of Mrs Jay Z! (ah... did I just scare some boys away ... hehe...)

Fear not, you can come with a friend, as long as they are single too. There will be no dinner tables – it’ll be a hand held, standing around affair. If anything, we can all do a Lady Gaga Bad Romance dance.


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