Monday, November 8, 2010

Cured Serrano Ham w/ Champagne Poached Pears

by Simon Fernandez (@ferdiesfoodlab)

This little one is one of the most talked about dishes that we did for our Action Against Hunger with Unearthed event, it's something I made myself for lunch with left overs from a picnic. On the first run I kind of overdid it with the watercress. In fact I only used watercress as the base! Waaaaay too much! A quick adjustment 2:1 lambs lettuce to watercress, drizzle over a little olive oil and pear juice, lovely! Dress with serrano ham and poached pears.
Poached Pears.....hmmm!
Lambs Lettuce and Watercress Salad w/ Serrano Ham and Poached Pears. Very healthy.

You can find the whole 7 course menu we served here.

Big Hugs Ferdie


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