Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ferdie learns Vietnamese - Beef in Vine Leaves

by Simon Fernandez (@ferdiesfoodlab)

Serves 8 -  6 rolls per person

500g lean minced beef
35g sesame seeds
35g peanuts, blended
1 chilli
2 tsp caster sugar
1.5tbsp fish sauce
1 lemon grass finely blended (circle slice then blend)
2 tsp honey
1 tsp pork granules (roll, fry, and test)
1 bag fresh vine leaves - (loot / la-lop cha plu)
sesame oil
lettuce to serve

Water (half),
Fish Sauce (half),
Sugar (to taste),
Lime, Garlic,
Chilli - blend together

Mix all ingredients together into paste.
Roll little finger size bit of mix into a leaf, no need to tuck ends in.
Stack them closely in the tray  - so they don't unroll - drizzle with sesame oil.

180C/12m (2 trays put both in, after 12m take 1st out move 2nd up to top shelf and leave 6m more)

Serve on a bed of lettuce served with a shot glass of classic viet dipping sauce.

Hints and Tips:
This is a great menu option because it has all the elements you want from a course.
First and foremost everyone loves it! You can make it before hand, and put it in the oven when it's needed and it's ready quickly - 12 minutes - and simple to serve cracking!

Rolling them is intensely boring! Anyone who's done them for rather tries to avoid doing it again!! That shouldn't matter if you're doing it for 8!!

Mix Paste


Ground nut oil, rub in.

Bake 180C/12min

Plate, serve
Done! Sequence captions are all a bit Ramsay. No Micheline stars here! Just honest food, he he ; ) Love and hugs! Sx


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