Monday, September 13, 2010

Suggest a theme!!!

by Simon Fernandez (@ferdiesfoodlab)

I'm looking for some inspiration!! When ever I'm designing a menu it's nice to have a theme, so I thought I'd put it out there and see if I get some funky feedback!!!

Pick 'n' Mix! What the hell is it? Life imitating art...

Our Christmas (Lemon) Tree

These are some of the themes we've already done:
Secret Italian Job,   Vietnamese Night (Pan Asian Menu, Something Eastern),   Lamb Banquet,   Spanish Inquisition, Fish Tails,   White Christmas,   Game On,   Chinese Lunar New Year,   Pick 'n' Mix (all colours of pick n mix sweets),   Spring Sprung(spring menu),  Eyes Wide Shut (ref venu),  Figs And Twigs (ref to star guest), Upside Down Inside Out,   Tip Tope Vietnamese Menu Shark Curry (U),  Croatian Menu.

Prawn Cocktail w/ Green Mayo

As you can see some are based on the season, a national or cultural holiday, some on colour the theme implies, and some are simply inspired by somewhere we've travelled or a national cuisine that we like. We'd love to hear your suggestions and ideas : )

That'll be us then!

You're welcome to comment on this post or you can mail me at:

hugs and love Simon : )


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