Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Immy At 33

Last December, Immy booked in to eat at our supper club – and she loved it so much, she asked us to cook for her birthday in May. Since then, she had been back to eat and  we have met a few other times over dinner and bottles of cabernet to discuss plans, menus, schedules, timings etc as well as many heart to hearts as it turned out. We always had a great time with Immy – she is one great lady.

Immy is always full of smiles and giggly banter – perhaps if we had a lot of clients, we would say that she is the ideal client, but we don’t – and she is a great client to start with! A strong and determined character, Immy planned everything from scratch – from where the location was to every detail on the table setting. This event, themed 40s Vintage, was going to be full of love, full of Immy and we were really lucky to have been asked to collaborate on such an event at such an amazing place in Central London, so famous for its parties.
What tied our small worlds together is that Immy works for an advertising agency who did the After Eight Campaign with Jim Haynes – our supper club hero has been hosting Sunday dinners for over 30 years. (Check our event with him here). It was a great coincidence that our worlds collided. Some would say that there is a reason for that… Immy played a very influential role in this as she has tried out a lot of supper clubs and loves new, emerging and underground things.
This is the first time that Simon and I entered a professional kitchen and hell – we loved it! We have cooked everything in seven or eight months in my tiny bachelor’s kitchen – here, we had double huge sinks, large steel surfaces, 2 ovens, 12 hobs, a real fryer and space! We could get on with our prep without being in each other’s way and bidding over one work surface. It was fantastic! We loved it!

We prepped for one full day before, shopping, and pre prepping. We got all our equipment together in a taxi and headed over, prepping non-stop til we executed everything one hour prior to service. We were so on time because we had so much space to work in and not having to wait for one person to finish. We forgot our chopping boards but apart from that – everything went to plan.
(Humming Bird Cupcakes)
(Beef Wellington Preparation)
The main room was immaculately set out by Immy and her friends Olivia & John who arrived amidst the set up chaos and were thrown in to help last minute. As dusk set through the glass ceilings, the atmosphere in the room changed from a sunny summers day to a warmly candle lit banquet, fantastic for Immy and her friends and family.
We got a round of applause at the end and felt really chuffed that everyone enjoyed all the food and had a wonderful night – creating great memories of being with Immy for her birthday.

Like so many professional women of today, who work so hard and are independent, I relate and aspire to be like Immy: Strong, funny, with a positive outlook and in control of her own destiny and getting on with things surrounded with love and without ties to convention.

Another perfect example of how ‘Hector’ in his ‘Search For Happiness’ would find that - happiness is about having inner peace and being around people we love, in celebration, accepting who we are, as we are.

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