Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Girls Night

“We were kings, the suns of those few hours of banqueting, who would determine their futures and describe their horizons…” - Muriel Barbary – ‘The Gourmet’
A Private Party at Fernandez & Leluu
I love my girlfriends. Girlfriends rock – I have two very best friends, - Aggie & Fatima. We met in St Joan Of Arc Primary School in Highbury when we were five, playing hop scotch and trying to get gold stars from Mr Keane.

Since then, we have grown up, eating our way through college, university, countries, careers, memories of love, boyfriends, bad dates, hot dates and marriage proposals that never were. But still standing strong with each other (and new girlfriends made along the way) as solid rocks and embracing the ride to come.

Now in our thirties, arm in arm with careers, responsibilities, living lives in all parts of the world, memories of being in our twenties together (where there were much less things to worry about) are a true treasure.

Not knowing at the time, how wonderful we were, we were smiling and laughing til our checks ached and rocked the house with our grooves, loving youth and bouncing on a lot of enjoyment. I remind myself to never lose our religion of fun no matter how  much older we will get.

Sajida and I have been corresponding since November. When she had heard of us through the grapevine, she immediately booked to have her birthday party in February, choosing our Fish Tales menu.

I felt that Saj has had quite a year of hardship and a lot of work, a great birthday party with all her friends is something to look forward to and to welcome in positive prospects. Although I didn’t know her and had never met her, I knew that this booking would make wonderful memories for her and we were really happy to be a part of it.
Private bookings are entirely different than our usual restaurant nights as people are coming to a dinner party in a party atmosphere. Everybody knows each other and there is more mingling than usual.
There is always one girl who loves to DJ (that’s me usually) and its always the girls who start dancing – the ones who dare to love life and be wild and outrageous in front of their friends.

They are always the ones who will bring the candles and/ or the cake for your birthday, buy you the best gifts. Know your favorite songs or whom you might fancy in the crowd. They know your past, your present and they are part of your future. They just know You.

Is it true what Harry said to Sally? Can men and women ever be friends? Yes - but no matter what, my girlfriends and I will always be there for each other to the bitter end. Whereas, boys… they come and go.


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