Monday, February 15, 2010

Easiest Fastest Pizza

OK, here goes! But before I start I'm going to say that this post is about that lazy feeling when you just want to relax and mull over the world with a friend and a glass of wine, and you don't want to spend your time chatting with an eye on the stove, half catching the conversation while everyone else is having a blissfully ignorant (ignorance is bliss!! trust me!) time. Nope this one is about that lazy mid week feeling, pop into the super market and grab a pizza and a bottle of wine and relax with a friend. Thing is you grab a pizza and the chances are you'll get a poor base with a woeful topping and; who picked the cheese? Gutted! Where's my warm lovely pizza feeling? Well, a little consideration of the ingredients can lead you to a sublime sensation! Here it is! My friend Jorge and I used to grab some bits from the supermarket before heading back for a chill and a feed.
Grab a focaccia, some really ripe tomatoes, and some cheese, it's a good start (well it is if it's mozzarella and not cheddar!!) From here on in the world's your oyster! Me, I'm a carnivore, hunt and eat! So this one was a kinda meat feast, some chili oil, various cured meats and embutidos (err, cured sausage init!) but the beauty of this baby is you can layer it with your hearts desire, once you've got your core ingredients (tomato, mozzarella & extra virgin olive oil ), the rest is an oportunity to express yourself and delight your taste buds! - note, its easy to destroy a pizza by putting too much onto it, less is more, it's about flavour combination, the focaccia is pretty forgiving because of its depth, but it's easy to get a sog fest on your hands if you pile on the toppings! Slice your tomatoes onto the bread, add your toppings, some olive oil and some salt and pepper & oregano (or basil). 'Nough said, enjoy! 220C 15mins, a pizza wheel and you're done! Kick back relax and chew the fat with a friend!  

How to make that focaccia is another - very lovely - story!! Simon


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