Saturday, January 9, 2010

Roast Dinner- Chicken - With Rosemary, Mustard, Honey & Soy

My Foodie friends say before they have eaten my roast that THEY make the best roast. Simon (Fernandez) and I have had competitions with each other on roasts. As I write this - I can declare victory! (Simon adds: ahem! Cough! What? But in all seriousness this is a mind blowingly good roast chicken, with that I cannot argue!)

Cooking for a group of friends comes very naturally to me. Cooking is something I love to do - and I am always trying to think of new ideas on how to feed something delicious to as many people as possible, in a short time and with minimal effort so that I can enjoy the company of my guests.

The prep for this takes about 30 -60 mins for the whole thing depending on how many guests you have. The rest is cooking time.

INGREDIENTS - Based on 4
-Chicken Thighs/ Legs/ Drumsticks/ Or Whole Chicken - whichever you prefer
Having Legs/ Thighs is easy because there is no cutting involved and everyone can take the bit they want. One or Two pieces per person (or three as you might find)
Remove fatty bits from thighs.

2 x Lemons - Get rid of skin and rind - slice into 5mm thick pieces
2 x Garlic Bulbs - Cut in half -Leave skin on -
2 x Onions - Peel, Cut into quarters
4/ 5 x Sprigs Rosemary

Marinade - (instinctive measurements - always taste)
1 x Large Jar/ Coleman's Mustard
Half -ish x Acacia Honey Jar
100ml -ish Premium Soy Sauce
70ml -ish Terriyaki Marinade

How I do:
Combine the marinade. Marinate the chicken if you want for a while but I think it makes no difference.

Place the chicken into a roasting tray, pour the marinade over, making sure its all coated.
Then add all the other ingredients of onions, garlic, rosemary and pieces of lemon on top. Roast for about an hour. 200.

The easiest way to not waste potatoes and making enough (with seconds) is to get a serving plate and place a handful of peeled and cut potatoes on it - you can judge whether it is enough for you by seeing it on your plate. (same with making mash - just ask yourself if you can eat all that?)

Maris Pipers - from boil (in salty water) it takes about 8 - 10 minutes to get fluffy. Remove from heat and drain. Place in a baking tray and coat evenly with olive oil, a bit of butter, salt if need (it should be seasoned from the boil). Bash it about a bit so that the potatoes get fluffy and makes excellent roasties.

Bake for about an hour or until golden and crispy. Season with pepper (optional).

 Boiled Carrots & Courgettes with Butter & Parsley and a squeeze of lemon

When the chicken is done, drain the sauce - use as gravy. You can add the onions from the roast, garlic and blizt.

I don't know how to make them and wouldn't want to cos it involves baking and I would loose all contests there!. Aunt Bessie - heaven!

Put the chicken in (about 20 mins) before guests arrive- gives people time to settle down with vino before dinner.  The smell of garlic & rosemary will drive everyone to divinity as they come in.


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