Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Review By GastroGeek

When we first started Fernandez & Leluu, we found Rejina Sabur's fantastically well written food blog. Her language and turn of phrase not only describes the beauty and delights of food itself but also embroiders the intricate journeys of taste, desire and being. What a great gift to have found.

When reading Rejina's words, it feels like eating a delicious and nourishing meal. In many blogs we have researched through in the last three months, hers has to be one of our favourites. Each line, each paragraph is written with love.  Having only met Rejina twice, she is not only a beautiful lady but charming and radiant. I would hope that one day, I will possess all her work on my book case as I also love literature!

Posted By Uyen Luu


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