Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

Thank you for giving us such a great 2010, coming to our supper club, enjoying yourselves, spreading the word, blogging, writing, pressing. Its been so great! We want to wish all our guests, readers, followers a Happy New Year! May 2011 bring you so much love and happiness, good health and much success!

All our love, Uyen & Simon xxx

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Merry Christmas

Simon & I would like to wish all our followers, readers, guests and friends a wonderful Christmas and all our best wishes for the New Year. Thank you so much for coming to eat with us and for all your support, kindness and loyalty.

We have had a great year doing the supper club, and many things in between, such as our night with Jim Haynes, our charity dinner with Unearthed & Action Against Hunger; our free holiday that I won to Croatia thanks to Qype; our adventure at The BBC with The Hairy Bikers; our evening with all at Fresh One. It has all been so awesome - 2010 was a year for us to blossom Fernandez & Leluu and we hope that we will have many more things to do and talk about in 2011.

Simon is currently working as a chef in Switzerland in a chalet thanks to Luke MacKay for the winter. As for me, I will be continue with Vietnamese cookery classes, some supper clubs, creative writing classes events, a singles event in February and whatever comes my way - really looking forward to the New Year.

Merry Christmas and All The Best For A Great New Year, Love Uyen & Simon xxxx

We had to postpone a supper club night because of the snow - Next one is TUESDAY 21st DEC 2010 - A full Vietnamese feast - email

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

All The Single People

By Leluu
Can I just say that single ladies are some of the coolest people I get to meet at the supper cub. They do such fun things like organizing a night out with the girls to our supper club, dinner in town, concerts and theatre tickets, singles events, trips abroad, book clubs, you name it!

I am so lucky, I have made many good friends ‘all the single ladies’ and I get to join in the Ah oh oh- oh oh oh Beyonce style!

The atmosphere has been amazing at the supper club and most people say that the bit at the beginning where everyone talks to each other and sharing a table with complete strangers is just the best bit! We all talked about how it would be a perfect thing to do for a singles party.

Therefore, I have been promising singles events at my house, a party for the girls and boys who may love to meet each other, but I have been afraid, one, that no boys would turn up and two, the dynamics of the atmosphere once I do get the boys to come. How would women behave towards each other if everyone fancied one bloke? Would I have a hair tearing party in the end? Fight-Fight-Fight, whilst Jerry Springer is commentating and I end up throwing an armchair across the room (just for theatrics) Three, playing cupid is dangerous! Heh – I think I worry too much!
There are certainly more women attending the supper club than men. Most men come with their wives or girlfriends. And the handful of men who come here – as a single guy – we salute you – well done! It is really rare to have some men get together once a month, over dinner, instead of over the pub counter. So I just want to say, guys, the women are here, come and meet them. At the very least, everyone gets to make friends with each other, have a good time and perhaps just network! No one expects love to actually happen, but if it happens – then wow! What a bonus.

I have finally decided to give it a go and starting to plan for (many) that dreaded month of February. I will try for 12 wonderful women and 12 handsome, kind, good looking, loveable men. All professional and artistic in their late twenties - thirties (ish - not going to be too strict at first).

Please email me if you are interested, a bit about yourself so that I can learn it and introduce you to others, a photo – if you are a man and you want to convince me that the ladies will love you. : )

Its going to be on Friday 11th February and if by some strokes of genius, I manage to get another 12 wonderful women and 12 wonderful men then we can do Saturday 12th February too. Lets see… if you like it, you should put a ring on it! Wise words of Mrs Jay Z! (ah... did I just scare some boys away ... hehe...)

Fear not, you can come with a friend, as long as they are single too. There will be no dinner tables – it’ll be a hand held, standing around affair. If anything, we can all do a Lady Gaga Bad Romance dance.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sweet Sour Salt By Leluu

I've gathered some recipes together and made a little book.
It accompanies my Vietnamese Cookery Classes.
You can order them on the link below and it will be delivered to your door.
You can also email me if you want to come to my cookery classes in January 2011.

The first one went incredibly well and we all had so much fun: Read here

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The London Cooking Club By The London Foodie

By Leluu
The supper club phenomenon is thriving, and there are new ones sprouting up everywhere. For lovers of food and entertaining, this domain is the platform to arrive shipped shaped for fun times. What is really fantastic is that some people are taking this to a new level. A few weeks ago, I went to The London Cooking Club, hosted by The London Foodie, Luiz Hara - one of London's top food bloggers. Basically, he sets a theme, sends out recipes, invites his readers to come along, you cook it, bring it over, finish it off in his gorgeous kitchen and share!

I kid you not, it’s a great evening. Suddenly, you are sat next to someone whom you would have never met otherwise and they’ve made you some food! This is such a great unique experience – because everyone gets to participate in making the evening happen and the main theme of it all is giving and sharing.

This is just totally right down my street, I mean, slaving over a hot stove all day when you can get people to bring it over and cook – yes please! ; )
On the day I went, it was Thai and we all had to bring a dish that we have made from David Thompson’s Thai Food recipes. We had about 10 dishes all made by each guest.

-Ma Hor - Minced Pork, Chicken and Prawn Paste with Pineapple and Mandarin

-Thai Fish Cakes with Cucumber Relish
Mussel and Ginger Soup
  Larp Gai - Spicy Minced Chicken Salad
Green Papaya Salad with Sweet Crispy Pork
Beef PanaengW/ Morning Glory
Bream Steamed with Ginger, Celery and Pickled Plums
Stir-fried Clams with Chilli Jam and Thai Basil
Steamed Pumpkin and Coconut Custard
Everything was indeed a delight. My favourite was Kellie & Ben’s Beef curry, however everything was too, fantastic. It was an excellent way to test out a recipe book as well, because you can see if everyone had the same trouble-spots or not.

I made the thai fish cakes, followed the recipe to the word and guess what – I had to bin everything, so I quickly discovered that this recipe was totally flawed. I wasn’t too happy to go back to the shops to buy more fish – the thing I hate most is wasting fish – as indeed – there aren’t too many in the sea anymore.

4 tablespoons of red curry paste for 300g of white fish? Followed by 3 tablespoons of fish sauce? NO NO NO! I should have known better than to follow that to the bone! Sounded like a recipe for curry flavoured fish sauce to me.
1 teaspoon of sugar – is certainly not going to balance out the saltiness in these babies!
This is of course not the fault of Luiz, but this is just fantastic to know if a recipe book works or not. For instance, someone made ginger and mussel soup, although it was tasty, o my, there was just a lot of ginger in it – there was no balance of ingredients – and of course, this is not the fault of the cook, we all followed the recipe as instructed (apart from me – I had to guess the quantities altogether second time around and wasn’t too pleased with what I made).

Anyhow, the evening was fantastic, I got to share it with The Shed Likes Food and also Vintage Macaroon. Luiz and Dr G’s home is really lovely, very grown up! They have all the stuff you’d want, beautiful things, cosy and atmospheric. It is about this time last year, on 4th December 2009 when they came to our supper club! Happy Anniversary to us Luiz! I wrote an email to Luiz asking him to come to review our supper club and he did! Since then, we have all done so many things together and have become great friends.
The London Cooking Club is such a fantastic idea to bring people together, to make new friends, to eat well, to learn more… its doing something new. On a cold winter’s day and you are walking pass the window of people having a lovely dinner party, it always looks like in the movies where everyone is having such a good time. Well, here they are! And anyone who wants to make new friends and loves to cook, this is the place to be. And you’d be doing a great service to all when you test out recipes from famous cook books!

Luiz has hosted other Cooking Club nights such as
A Persian Evening
Recipes from “The New Food of Life” by Najmieh Batmanglij

A Syrian Supper
Recipes from "Syrian Foodie in London" blog

From Hanoi to Saigon, a Vietnamese Voyage
Recipes from "Secret of the Red Lantern" and "Songs of Sapa"

Check on The London Foodie Blog for The London Cooking Club dates and book yourselves in and go!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pistachio & Pickle Supper Club

By Leluu
On the second trip last weekend, we went to Pistachio & Pickle, a new supper club in the east end of London ran by Matt & Steve – (Events Organiser and Artichet) by day. We met Matt at Bob Bob Ricard in the summer when Eat Like A Girl arranged a Blogger’s dinner and since then, he often helps us in the kitchen at our supper club so it was wonderful to stop by to be fed by someone who calls himself ‘stuffyaface’ on Twitter and to support a new friend.
Matt is bold, loud, quirky, sunny and full of beams – no matter what pressure he is under. Matt quickly does things, just like setting up the supper club – everything falls into place with him and it’s really nice to be around him. He has great positive energy and Steve is just well buff, innit!

Matt has told me how his real passion is with Indian cuisine so we jumped at the chance of coming to a (late) Diwali celebration at this new supper club venture. Matt, Indian food and supper club = wicked combination.
Poppadoms & (Matt makes his own) Pickles
I was undignified and hung-over from the previous rendez vous at Shacklewell Nights though so couldn’t have a drop to drink, even though, we were offered anything from Prosecco, white or red upon arrival at their East End, Victorian terrace. The noise of laughter filtered all the way out onto the street – if you were an onlooker – you’d be jealous.
Matt and Steve laid out a long banquet table over a modern chandelier, with name cards, candles and the like. We were joined by Vintage Macaroon (who was taking an intense tour of London foodie places before she departs, Hungry In London, DNAequalsfood and Gina, among some of Matt & Steve’s friends. This supper club had a real feeling of eating at a friend’s dinner party with the singular long table and how Matt & Steve placed everybody in-between each other so that we could integrate with people we do not know. The atmosphere was really lovely and intimate – knowing how cold and miserable it was outside, we were in for a warm feast.
Steve served food at a regular pace while Matt calmly worked away in the kitchen. Everything flowed, like in a really good restaurant, great food, fantastic service and wonderful company. It would be rare to get anything of this standard in a conventional restaurant. And the food, o my, it just kept coming and coming, every dish presented beautifully and was of excellent quality.

Bonda & Dumplings
Lentil Soup
“English Night” – Fish Fingers & Salad Cream
Fish Fingers was one of my favourites, because it was inspired by Kush, one of Matt & Steve’s friends, who was indeed the star of the night with all his hilarious jokes and stories.  When he was a child, he hated Indian food as that was what his mum served every day. So they had one ‘English Night’ a week where they would have fish fingers – (sounds like how it was in my house) : )

We all loved Matt’s take on it, with his home made salad cream and if Matt could get Kush to attend every dinner – it would be fantastic! Kush is one of those great personalities who finds laughter in absolutely EVERYTHING!
Woodpigeon, Panch Phoron Potatoes, Coconut Carrots & Lingonberry Masala (inspired by a trip to Ikea and their gorgeous Lingonberry sauce with the meatballs – yum)
Homemade Paneer with Tomato and Onion Pickle
Bebinca Cake & Pistachio Kulfi (one of the most wonderful desserts I have ever eaten and I am not a dessert person)
Chai & Gulab Jamun
We were all stuffed at the end, or we were already stuffed at mid point. The portions were great, generous but stuffable at the same time. This is dinning at a great level and we recommend everyone should book in to eat there. Matt & Steve know their food and that’s what its all about!

Stuffyaface Matt
Puppy Copper bouncing around
£35 Donation per person
Excellent Value. Fantastic Food
Not just saying it because he is our friend! Seriously.... Good!


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