Monday, October 12, 2009

Vietnamese Night Silliness : )

We had an amazing time with everyone on Friday: Here are some emails we got which really cheered us up again! Big Smiles!!!

"He he, what a night! Remind me, next time, that when Simon suggests I have a shot of gin that I say no.
Looking forward to the 7th. Will confirm guests this week."

"Thank you so much for tonight, you were perfect hosts and wonderful chefs. Excellent food too ;) "

"Cheers for a lovely time on Friday!!.... thanks again to you both for a wicked night!"

Matt: "I can confirm it actually IS that good. I went last friday......i would go on the 24th but it's someone specials birthday and we're going to the zoo. My rave review is on it's way tho;)"

Lindsey: "Aw, I'm so sad I wasn't feeling well and had to go home before we had a chance to get chatting properly. Wonderful, amazing food, I will certainly be coming again x"


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