Thursday, October 22, 2009

Risotto - Thin Peeled Squash, Cubed Courgettes, Lemon & Parmesan

Ms Marmite Lover - who has her own supper club is attending our Autumn Lamb Banquet on Sat 24th Oct even though she is a vegetarian!

Ingredients: (For 2) Prep & Cooking Time: 30 mins

Olive Oil
Half Onion
50g Risotto Rice
2 Cherry Tomatoes Halved
2 Garlic Cloves
White Wine
Parmesan Cheese
Vegetable Stock - Swiss Boullion is good (boiling water -add a heaped teaspoon)
Half Large Courgette - Cut into cubes
Quarter of Small Squash - Use a peeler to get thin cut slices (about 20 will do)
Optional Herbs: Parsley or Basil

How I do it:
Heat pan - add olive oil when hot and onions
Add about 50g of risotto rice
Stir until all the oil and onion covers the rice
Pour in a generous splash of white wine
Add 2 halved cherry tomatoes & garlic
Keep watching it and add more white wine once it evaporates and seeps into the risotto
Add a mug full of vegetable stock
Keep watching, don't let it dry out - add more white wine if neccessary
Add Parmesan about 15 mins in
Then stir in the squash slices and courgettes
Taste and season. Usually the cheese seasons the risotto nicely and I never have to much or any salt - just pepper and more cheese if I want.
Then about 23 mins in - the rice should be perfect and the vegetables still nice and crunchy.
Add a bit of butter - as much as you would like on a slice of toast or if you are naughty - more.
A squeeze of fresh lemon
Stir well and take off heat

If you have some herbs laying around, parsley is great with this - add in just before you take off the heat.

Serve and enjoy! I enjoyed it so much I ate 2 portions! Pot belly today. Uyen x


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